Wasteland 2: Director's Cut - Playstation 4 (PHYSICAL)

The original post-apocalyptic RPG is back.
Once the sounds of taxi cabs, buses, people on cell phones and advertisements permeated every sonic fiber of our senses. Now only deafening silence rules the airwaves. Yet it's what hides in the silence that could be the deadliest. Following the same formula as the original, Wasteland 2 plunges you into a hellish landscape with the same core gameplay, but modernizes it with stunning visuals and a thrilling storyline. Make the tough decisions, which come with both short- and long-term consequences that will affect the outcome of the story. Engage in tactical turn-based combat that puts your strategy skills to the test. With this Director's Cut, you'll receive the definitive Wasteland 2 experience with enhanced visuals, expanded voiceovers and more. It's time for you to make your mark on the Wasteland — or die trying.

Immerse yourself in the definitive version of Wasteland 2 with this Director's Cut, which features completely overhauled graphics with redone character and level art, expanded voiceovers and new features

Venture through a vast post-apocalyptic landscape that offers tons of decisions to make — and both short- and long-term consequences that follow, all of which will matter in the outcome of the story that delivers 80-100 hours of gameplay

Enjoy an open-ended experience where you can do virtually whatever it takes to get the job done — fire the rocket launcher if you don't feel like finding a key for a door

Personalize the look of your Ranger with thousands of variations, arm yourself with more than 150 weapons, prepare for battle with dozens of skills and more with the seemingly endless customization options

Engage in strategic turn-based tactical combat that will test the limits of your skills as you fight to survive in the hellish landscape

Take on the visceral adventure with classic RPG gameplay that has been updated with modern design philosophies

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