Standard Order Process

How does ordering work on


1. You place an order on our website.
2. Our automated security system checks to make sure your order is not fraudulent and is secure. 95% of orders go through our automated system. In rare occasions, a manual review may be required to approve an order.[EMAIL NOTICE SENT TO YOU AT THIS STAGE]
3. A Google Wallet invoice will be sent to the email you used when you registered an account with us. While the account doesn't have to be a pre-existing Google Wallet account, it does make it easier for you to properly receive your invoice and maintain and track your order after shipment.[EMAIL NOTICE SENT TO YOU AT THIS STAGE]
4. Once you have paid your invoice, your order is automatically submitted to the proper fulfillment center so they can package and ship your order. [EMAIL NOTICE SENT TO YOU AT THIS STAGE]
5. Our fulfillment centers guarantee to ship all physical orders within 1-3 business days.
6. Within 24 hours after shipment the fulfillment center will upload full shipping and tracking information to your account. [EMAIL NOTICE SENT TO YOU AT THIS STAGE]
7. Your order is delivered to the shipping address on file. [EMAIL NOTICE SENT TO YOU AT THIS STAGE]
8. You leave a great review on our website and spread the word to your friends!